A capture stores a part of a response into a variable.


Each capture is made up of two parts: a variable and a query. These are separated by a colon (:) to form a key/value pair in the request YAML.

Here’s an example of a valid captures section:

  myVar: jsonpath $.myVal
  myOtherVar: body

Let’s break down the first capture into its parts:

  myVar: jsonpath $.myVal

Variable: myVar

The variable tells Nap where to store this capture. This variable will overwrite any previous value assigned to the same name, such as those supplied via an environment file or prior script or capture.

Query: jsonpath $.myVal

The query tells Nap what part of the response we want to capture. This query will retrieve the myVal property from the root object in the repsonse body, assuming it is in JSON format.

For the full query reference, see Concepts -> Queries.